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Contract Electronic Manufacturing Mechanical Assembly in Beaverton


**Turn-Key  and Quick Turn Applications**

Circuit Board Assembly 

Circuit Board Repair

Box Assembly

Rework ,Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies

Kitted Applications

 Functionality Testing and Support

Prototype Support​

24 Hour Turn-around

CB RAM believes in establishing long term relationships. Clients become our partners in which their goals become our mission and their success becomes our inspiration!  CB RAM takes time to actually learn the nature of the clients' business and their products to better respond to their needs.

" Taking the Lead! "

CB RAM's technical advancement is not the only reason we are good at what we do. It is also due to the people behind those machines and technology. Give us a piece of wet twig and we'll try to create a spark! Our commitment to our clients surpasses the capabilities of any manufacturing machine, making everything possible!


It's a Partnership!

Cb Ram Electronic Manufacturing Mechanical Assembly

Headquartered  in Beaverton, Oregon, CB RAM Electronics is a Woman-owned business, that provides contract electronic manufacturing  and mechanical assembly services to high technology companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1995, CB RAM is built on meeting and exceeding standards within the electronics assembly industry. 
We Offer streamlined design and manufacturing process to properly respond and surpass client expectations. 

We just don't take a kit and follow written instructions to build a board- that's what others do! 
At CB RAM,  we always try to infuse our own technical solutions  to provide a unique, yet innovative approach to every single board we build. Throughout the production cycle, CB RAM monitors, tests and reviews manufacturing solutions to ensure a consistent, high-quality result. 

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Circuit Board Rework, Assembly and Manufacturing